I posted some recent/featured work to the left . See Featured Content 2 & 3 in the menu bar for more videos. I added some micro fiction writing samples and some misc. posts below .  Browse the menus for more. Thanks for visiting the site.

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Curtain Cover Art featured image


Val pressed the knife to my throat, maybe harder then he did in the dress rehearsal, if that was possible.

6000 miles bus

6,000 Miles

The boy is frightened of something and trying to hide it from her.


Palm Beach Int’l Film Festival 2005 (Awards)

Water Over Wine won a few awards in the short film categories of The Palm Beach Int’l Film Fest ’05 including Best Picture, Best Actress (Jamie Marrs) and Best Director (Mick Shane).


Whiskey Sour

At midnight plus five drinks she was vulgar and I wanted to poke her eye out with a pool cue.

Victory License Plate


Two of the 15 sec ads I made for Vict. made it on to the Speed Channel. I guess that deserves a blog post?



We all know members of the lucky sperm club. I am not one of those people.


I Broke The Law

The old man has two black eyes, a few stitches in his swollen lower lip and the left side of his face is scabbed.



Her breasts are perfect. Her eyes are blue like the pool water and her hair is streaked blonde by the summer sun.


Best Filmmaker-2005

Best Filmmaker in Florida-2005! Here’s a link to the article in the weekly magazine of The Florida Sun – Sentinel.