film: Todd edit: Mick


O. Wetsuits. LE. v3_Long

GoPro-Snowboard Crash 4.20

GB’s Custom Ride

Victory – GB’s Custom Design

O . Wetsuits . ML . UK v3

Victory Motorcycles (15 sec)

A collaboration between Todd Williams (camera) and Mick Shane (edit). sec. ad

Created, Directed and Edited by Mick Shane. Produced by Doug Commette @ Commette Media.

FilmTripper Promo 2014: Fashion

Sprayfoam Insulation-Benefit #1: Low Utility Bills (a.k.a. Man Bikini)

Video Marketing Works: Sprayfoam

Hut No. 8_Generic

Surf Shop – St. Augustine 3 (15 sec)

O . Wetsuits . LE . v3

O Wetsuits . LE . UK v1a