City Link Best Filmmaker-Mick Shane

Best Filmmaker – 2005 City Links Article

Here’s a screen grab of the article.

Water Over Wine – Short Film

Written & Directed by Mick Shane. WOW screened at multiple festivals including Palm Beach (multiple awards) and SXSW and The Cannes Short Film Corner.

Julia’s Pit – Short Film

Shasta and I made this improvised film over on weekend with a $65.00 budget. It was fun and surprisingly the film screened at multiple festivals including Palm Beach, SXSW and The Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner.


Palm Beach Int’l Film Festival 2005 (Awards)

Water Over Wine won a few awards in the short film categories of The Palm Beach Int’l Film Fest ’05 including Best Picture, Best Actress (Jamie Marrs) and Best Director (Mick Shane).