Raw Horror Chapter 1

Sandy Approaches

Bolex . Vintage (30 sec).

I accepted “The Philip Bloom Challenge #1,” which is to film one object and (hopefully) make it interesting.
Canon 60D – 50mm 1:1.4 – Magic Bullet Looks.

I also used this vid as a thirty-second ad to sell my Bolex 16mm on ebay! Sold!!

Witness Protection: A GoPro Tale

GoPro “Foggy Lens Syndrome.” Sometimes you get beautiful footage from the GoPro and sometimes you want to smash the camera under your boot. Even with the anti fog inserts I sometimes come home with unusable footage. And the condensation almost always gathers right over the subject’s face. Hence, this spoof.

Fisherman’s Post – Fishing School Promo

Trade Show Loop for FP Fishing Schools


A quick hit (1 min. or less) tourism video for the “Peacemaker.” This tall ship is a floating youth ministry and is constantly moving up and down the east coast to different ports usually coinciding with annual festivals.

Rims On The River

Rims On The River is an annual car show/street fair held in downtown Wilmington, NC. This year there were over 600 vintage cars on display.

2:13 a.m.

Took a walk around downtown Wilmington after Riverfest just as the bars were closing. Bumped into some interesting folks on the street.

James @ 1

A mini-doc of my little buddy James and his 1st birthday.

Summer Began (Nobody Came)

Riverfest ’11

I took the camera (Canon 60D, 50mm) with me on a walk through the Riverfest ’11 crowd in Wilmington last October. I caught a few songs from a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute band and the fireworks.

Bolex . Vintage (Philip Bloom Challenge).