Witness Protection: A GoPro Tale

GoPro “Foggy Lens Syndrome.” Sometimes you get beautiful footage from the GoPro and sometimes you want to smash the camera under your boot. Even with the anti fog inserts I sometimes come home with unusable footage. And the condensation almost always gathers right over the subject’s face. Hence, this spoof.

James @ 1

A mini-doc of my little buddy James and his 1st birthday.

Al & Nikki Commette – Last Day Of Summer – 1936 (?)

My grandparents (Al & Nikki Commette) turned 100 this year (2011). Both alive and well! My uncle (Denis Commette) has been archiving my grandfather’s collection of old home movies from the 1930’s to the present. This is a clip from his work.

Riverfest ’11

I took the camera (Canon 60D, 50mm) with me on a walk through the Riverfest ’11 crowd in Wilmington last October. I caught a few songs from a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute band and the fireworks.

Ryan B still3

Ryan B

Did some camera and post-production work on this vid back in Austin.

Vinyl Wine performing “Run” Live at Lulu’s Waikiki (Feb-2011)

Camera (George Reniers, Mick Shane) Edit (Mick Shane).

Bad Kitty – Short Film

Written-Directed-Edited by Mick Shane. Starring Callie Commette and Tim Morris. We made this short in one quick afternoon shoot. The kids developed the whole story and participated in all aspects of filmmaking. BK played at multiple film festivals including Palm Beach, SXSW and The Cannes Short Film Corner.