pristine cover art_1Pristine    by Mick Shane

We all know members of the “lucky sperm club”


Go through life with very little stress or conflict

Attend good schools

Pursue hip careers

Eat at the best restaurants

Wear the latest fashions

Drive the nicest cars

Spend summers at the beach

Are attractive and have attractive friends

Get enough sleep and always have time to exercise

Feel great and have energy to spare


Their businesses never fail

The value of their stock portfolio rises

Their real estate is exclusive


They are HAPPY and everybody loves them


When they die it’s never grisly

They “pass” peacefully in their sleep surrounded by loved one’s

Then go directly to Heaven


Sure, they have bouts of adversity but they are brief, infrequent and handled well


I’m not one of those people

But after a lifetime of drifting

From town to town

Job to job

Bar to bar

Woman to woman

I settled down and I married one of the fortunate few



She is attractive

Everybody loves her


Tonight we are at a formal party at her father’s pristine seaside mansion

Surrounded by attractive friends and family

Rosie sips her martini and wistfully glances at me from across the pool

Ignorant to the fact that I just fucked her sister in the bathroom of the guesthouse


Wilmington, NC     7/13/13

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