Whore by Mick Shane

A beautiful young woman disrobes by the pool. Her violet colored bikini barely covers the important parts of her lithe tan body. Her breasts are perfect. Her eyes are blue like the pool water and her hair is streaked blonde by the summer sun. She reclines on a lounge chair and lathers suntan oil on herself slowly like she is masturbating. A wealthy young man is watching her from his penthouse/balcony five stories above. He spoke to her once, a chance encounter at a local coffee shop. They chatted briefly, discovered they lived in the same apartment building and promised each other they would meet again. He has been waiting for this moment for weeks.

“Hi, Dana,” he calls to her cheerfully. “Would you like to join me for a drink?”

She squints her eyes against the sun and smiles, recognizing him instantly.

“Why not,” she coos as she wraps a towel around her lower half and waltzes into the building. He greets her at the elevator, kisses her lightly on her cheek. She smells like coconut oil. She is prettier up close. They spend the afternoon together listening to jazz, swimming in the pool and drinking martinis.

Later, on the balcony watching the sunset, she is straddling his lap, kissing his neck and stroking his cock. He has a hand inside the front of her bikini. She arches her back and moans agreeably when he pushes a finger inside of her.

“It has been a beautiful day,” she whispers. “Make love to me?”

“Yes,” he says.

“$500. Upfront,” she says.

He leads her from the balcony into the living room and pushes her down on the couch playfully. He takes five crisp one hundred dollar bills from a stack in his wallet and places them on the coffee table. Then he stands in front of her, lets his shorts drop to his ankles and kicks them aside. She takes his cock into her mouth and sucks and jerks him off with a slow soulful rhythm. Her head is angled slightly and her eyes are locked to his as she works him like a pro. He can see himself in the mirror above the couch. A tear forms at the edge of his right eye and rolls down his cheek. He places his hands gently around her neck then strangles her with great force, burying his thumbs into her larynx, crushing it. She looks more shocked than injured, struggling valiantly as she begins to suffocate, trying to break from his grip but he is a strong man and she submits to her fate. She loses consciousness and her body goes slack but her eyes and mouth stay open, unnaturally wide.

“Whore,” he snarls, as he ejaculates on her face. He continues to strangle her long after she is dead, until he exerts all of his energy and drops her to the floor. Exhausted, he lies beside her and strokes her inner thigh as he begins to weep.

Austin, TX 1.5.04

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